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Nov 13, 2016



Katy (@klwatts) is joined by April Thibert (@AThibert) and Ian McMartin of Whiprsnpar Brewing Company (@whiprsnaprbrew) to chat about beer, Whiprsnapr's 2nd Birthday and how the brewery is doing.

Show Notes:

  • Little do you know, listener, I have edited out a whole chunk of the podcast where Ian and April were making fun of a dishwasher smell that was coming off my tasting glasses. Those beer drinkers! So persnickety!
  • Just like wine, brewshops can offer a "ferment on premise" option for beer (although it seems less popular).
  • Perth Brewery is known as a brewery (who offers gluten free beer options), but was originally a homebrew shop that offered (offers?) package your own/ferment on site beer.
  • Brewers love to peel things don't they (Whiprsnapr with ginger, Dominion City with oranges, Beyond the Pale with grapefruits)?
  • By 'those' we are referring to Crabbie's Ginger Beer.
  • BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Ontario Craft Beer Guide by Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John.
  • Something I glazed over, but deserves more thought. Large breweries see the LCBO/Beer Store as a large source of revenue. Small breweries seem to see it as almost a loss leader or marketing expense to get people into the brewery to buy direct from them.
  • We're talking about their Maple Cream Ale that got infected and was put on tap at Local Lansdowne and advertised as a sour beer although it isn't.
  • ARTICLE: What is efficiency in brewing?


  • Carol Anne (Blonde Ale)
  • Ok Lah! (Ginger/Coriander Cream Ale)
  • Harvest King (Harvest Ale)
  • Alt Schule (Altbier)
  • Backbeet Wheat (Vegetable/American Wheat)
  • Devil's Cradle (Vanilla Bourbon Stout)


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