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Nov 20, 2016

Ahh, the "OH SHIT I NEED A PHOTO" beer glass half full shot.

Ahh, the "OH SHIT I NEED A PHOTO" beer glass half full shot.

Katy (@klwatts) treks to Orleans to attend the Stray Dog Brewing Company (@StrayDogBeer) launch party at Occo Kitchen (@occokitchen). Little do the attendees know, she has a recorder in hand..

Show Notes:

  • Katy, why didn't you take an Uber or a taxi to Orleans? Well, this is not a high budget podcast. And, how else was I suppose to get that sweet, sweet bus background noise recorded?
  • I believe this is the brewery that Marc is referring to in Navan: Draft Horse Brewery.
  • There were a lot of politicians drinking beer (it was a good beer to drink).
  • "This One", a California Common is only available for a short few months - I'd grab it while you can!
  • This may be the first time French has appeared on the podcast.
  • Yes, Marc's beer is called Kelly BIPA (oh, homebrewer's and their beer names). This beer appeared on the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) test that Matt Petitpas took.
  • "Don't be a beer dick." - Marc Plante
  • Marc is referring to D&S Southern Comfort BBQ in Carlsbad Springs.
  • Homebrewing is an addiction of sorts.
  • Sasha will not actually put the baby in the basement, unless she needs to grab a beer and happens to have the baby with her.
  • Stock Pot Ales was a brewery in the Wellington Gastropub that is now Stalwart Brewing Company.
  • Pssst. I yanked the profile photos from the Stray Dog Brewing Company Facebook page. You should probably like it.



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