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Sep 5, 2016

Best beer in the world? Hmm...

Best beer in the world? Hmm...

Katy (@klwatts) is joined by new friends (who she met through the podcast!) Emily (@ercbrown) and Jamie (@jamiemasse) to drink some mostly old beers.

Show Notes:

  • Does anyone even care about episodes numbers?
  • Yeah, the dry hopping was a fail.
  • Halo Brewery is a Toronto-area brewery that opened in May by three homebrewers.
  • I can't identify with the 0-80 mentality at all (/sarcasm).
  • I have a real hard time associating beer flavours with other descriptors. I'm getting better over time, but it's a real skill to be able to describe a flavour your tasting.
  • What is this mystery bottle of beer? Become a Patreon of 613BeerCast and listen in to find out!
  • How do I get 613BeerCast done? Well... I carve out time whenever I have it (cough).
  • Business for Punks - can't say I recommend all of their business advice, but it's an interesting insight into how BrewDog runs their business.
  • American IPA vs. English IPA beer style.
  • Equity for Punks USA!
  • Dave Price is Dr. Claw.
  • Cloying is 100% a word. Emily and Jamie are cloying in their compliments of 613BeerCast.
  • Beau's has their own escape room at Escape Manor!
  • The case against wax seals.
  • Foreign Extra Stout beer style.
  • What's in a cask?
  • Katy doesn't like spending her money on bleh.
  • "The best beer in the world"
  • What is a Trappist beer?
  • Most of my taste references are candy influenced.
  • Just listen to everything Charles Bamforth says, he's so knowledgeable.
  • Vintage Beer - a great book about why some beers are better to age than others.

Beer List:


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