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Sep 23, 2016

It's like the Lumbersexual is following me with his beard.

It's like the Lumbersexual is following me with his beard.

Katy (@klwatts) is joined by  John and Kathy vanDyk from Covered Bridge Brewing Company (@CBBeer) to talk about how John started brewing, how his hobby turned into a business, winning awards and of course, the beer they brew.

Show Notes:

  • Is Kathy going to a new brewery? The drama!
  • John isn't the only brewer to get started with the Mr. Beer kit.
  • Oh the Members of Barleyment - you seem to show up quite a bit in these podcasts.
  • A keezer is a freezer turned into a large format keg fridge - hey, here's how to build one!
  • Yes, mixing Lumbersexual with Raspberry Princess is a great combination.
  • For those that don't know what a Lumbersexual is.
  • Here's an article about Covered Bridge's original location in Carleton Place.
  • You heard it here! Lumbersexual is heading to the LCBO!
  • Covered Bridge Brewing Company wins Gold at Canadian Brewing Awards!
  • If you ever want to learn more about working with the LCBO as a brewery..
  • Cask is one of the leading makers of canning machines.
  • Homes sound nice..
  • Some one should create a brewing version of this - the mouse is the unsuspecting craft beer customer.

Beer List:

  • Lumbersexual - Covered Bridge Brewing Company
  • Eternally Hoptimistic - Covered Bridge Brewing Company
  • Seoirse the Great - Covered Bridge Brewing Company
  • Man Spa Brown - Covered Bridge Brewing Company
  • Raspberry Princess - Covered Bridge Brewing Company


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