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May 29, 2017

Katy, April and Chuck talk about their Toronto Beer Adventure - beers, trends and where the next beer adventure will be!



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May 23, 2017

Andrew Bartle is the brewer at Batch, a brewpub owned by Creemore Springs Brewery in Toronto's financial district.


May 20, 2017

Robin LeBlanc is the co-author of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide. The second edition of the guide will be released on May 20 and is co-authored by Jordan St. John. It is available at all good bookstores and many breweries.


May 15, 2017

Christina Coady and Chris Conway are the co-brewers of Folly Brewpub in Toronto. The College Street haunt specializes in yeast and fermentation driven beer. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!


May 8, 2017

Flavours! While yeast, malt, hops and water can provide plenty of flavour for many styles of beer, brewers often look outside the box to add a little extra pop to their brew.

Beer List:

  • Wells Banana Bread Beer - Wells & Young's Ltd
  • Pineapple Express - Nita Beer Company
  • Dos Jefes - Stalwart Brewing Company
  • Midlands...